Topyea – Screen Protector – Tempering-Glass Screen Protectors

Topyea - Screen Protector - Tempering-Glass Screen Protectors

This manufacturer of screen protectors is doing great business!

The manager set up this factory with his partner, at begin they did not have sufficient money to purchase much equipments, their initial investment was only 2 million RMB, then when the business starts on the track, they used the profit to purchased more production equipment and now the fixed assets of the factory is 17 million RMB.


  • The unit price of their screen protector depends on the thickness, price of the 0.2mm tempering screen protector will be a little bit higher than the 0.3mm ones, and the sales price is 4RMB per piece without packaging. They sale the products to agents and the agent act as middlemen and sell to the customers. This is why the unit price of the screen protectors is much lower than the market price, which is around 50 to 60 RMB. You may argue that why they let the middlemen earn most of the money, but the fact is they also benefit from this business relationship. First, they can reduce the risk by transferring the risk to the agency. Second, as a manufacturer, they may not be good at marketing, but the agency is much more professional than them so it will help them to speed up the transactions. What is more, Topyea can mainly focus on producing high-quality products, instead of finding the customers by themselves.


  • They are complaining the production cost, correctly speaking; the electricity bill is too high because they need use machines in the different process of the production, but they seem do not pay much attention for the maintenance of the machines. If they do not have the monthly or quarterly maintenance, the production efficiency of the machines may reduce and also higher the production costs.
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