Ravi, California
Ravi"Mike, Thank you very much for your willingness to help, and for all the wonderful suggestions and recommendations you made in response to my recent question to CSIS regarding doing buisness with China – I certainly appreciate it. I will keep in mind several options you have suggested the next time around, and for routine business as well. (http://chinasourcinginfo.org/endorsed-service-providers/). I very much enjoyed your presentations at the Global Sources expos in Hong Kong, and hope to see you again in Autumn."
Rodrigo, Brazil
Rodrigo"I've been following Mike's work at CSIC for a while and he's certainly the most experienced professional I've ever met when it comes to Sourcing in China. I'm a sourcing agent in the beginning of my career and when I contacted him at the "Ask the experts" area of the CSIC he was very helpful and provided me with some insightful advises that definitely made my work easier. Thanks Mike and I hope you and all the collaborators at CSIC can keep up with the good work you've been doing."
Witold. Poland
Witold"I participated - actively - in a lecture by Michael on sourcing from China. It is my business for a couple of years too, and I can recognize if a guy has to say something on the subject or not. He really had. Like Michael, I also (try to) study Chinese and I know, plenty of misunderstandings in China stem from different perception of the world, which in turn is defined by language patterns. Because Michael really seems to master this language, I believe he could be invaluable in interfacing an Occidental customer with a Chinese supplier. Even the sample contracts he distributed during the lecture prove - in my opinion - his DEEP understanding of the Chinese spirit."
Elena, Miami


"I really enjoyed your presentation on China Sourcing, and was impressed at how at ease you were talking about the details of the ins and outs of doing business in China. I very much appreciate the support offered by the CSIC – thank you."

Laurent, France
Laurent"I had the chance to join Mike on one of his project "China Sourcing Information Center" and I learn a lot from him. He is the embodiment of what "multitasking" should be. Even crawling under the work he is still always free and open whenever someone needs his help or advice.  Thanks to his knowledge about Chinese business, I strongly believe that working for or with Mike makes things faster and easier.  Honest in life and business, I'm happy to have Mike Bellamy among my contacts."

Cameron, Greater Salt Lake Area


"I saw Mike speak at a China sourcing fair last month in Miami. His presentation on sourcing in China was spot on. I've been working with manufacturers and suppliers in China for years and still learned some great tips. He also provided everyone with great resources. Mike would be a great asset for anyone doing business in China."

Chris, California, USA
Chris"Mike spoke to my class of MBA students when we were in Shenzhen and he did an excellent job. Topics covered included, among other things, sourcing from China and living and working in China. Students were very engaged and they learned a great deal. Mike is a true expert in his field and a personable, high quality person. Our time with him was an excellent way to kick off our trip to China." Chris

Eric, United States


"Great presentations this week. Thanks for connecting. I found your material not simply informative, but entertaining. Well done."

Daniel, Spain


"China Sourcing has been an invaluable source of information, especially if you are just starting out. Michael has been really helpful and certainly knows what he is talking about. Responses are clear and prompt.  Highly recommended. Thanks again."

Dave, Greater Chicago Area
Dave"From his vision at Passagemaker to his volunteer work with the China Sourcing Information Center (CSIC), Mike has spent his career deciphering the complexities of Asia. He is a tremendous resource when it comes to all things China, and genuinely wishes to share his knowledge, as seen from his tremendous commitment as a founder of CSIC. Mike is an excellent colleague and mentor, and I highly recommend his work at CSIC and Passagemaker." 

Mike's China Business Update for Busy Executives

Mike's China Business Update for Busy Executives

For over a decade, Mike Bellamy has been sharing his China forecast, exposing the latest scams, and sharing sourcing strategies with his clients.

This update is now made available, on a quarterly basis, our compliments, to guests of the China Sourcing Academy.


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