How to Rent a Car/Driver for Factory Visits

How to Rent a Car/Driver for Factory Visits

How to Rent a Driver/Car to Visit a Factory in Shenzhen

Through many of our blog posts and seminars, we have stressed the need to visit the factory. Often this presents a barrier for a first-time buyer who attends the Hong Kong trade show. In this post, I will cover some of the basic things you should know to maximize the logistics of getting to and from the factories with particular reference to visiting factories in Shenzhen.

1. Arrange to visit no more than two factories in one day

This will enable you to spend more time in each factory and to have a meal with the manager over lunch without having to rush off to the next factory. Make the meal a basic one, normally a local Chinese restaurant will serve you meals very quickly at lunch time, so it is not time wasted.

2. Clarify whether you are visiting the sales office of the factory or the factory itself

Many large factories will have sales offices in Shenzhen near Lok Ma Chau or Lo Wu, and you may have two addresses for the one factory. Often the factory will arrange for you first to visit the sales office and then the sales staff will accompany you to the factory. So be clear on this, so when you give the address to your driver, you are taken to the office address first, if this is the scheduled plan. Often the sales staff will accompany you to the factory, and they can help to direct your driver to the factory address.

Car Rentals China - Regional Map Of Shenzen

3. Seek to understand the general region where your factories are located

Above is a picture of Shenzhen region, and you can see there are several districts in Shenzhen. When arranging to visit several factories – it would pay to organize the visits to two factories on any one day within the same area. That is to try and arrange to visit factories that are no more than one region apart. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time traveling between the factories.

If you want to have a visit to Bao’a district, Futian district, Nanshan district and Longhua New district, you can collect in Lok Ma Chau checkpoint. If your visiting factory is in Longgang district, Luohu district and Lantian district, you can collect in Lo Wu checkpoint.

4. How to Rent a Driver/Car in Shenzhen?

a. Search “Shenzhen car rent” on the internet and you will find many car rental firms. Look at their webpage, check out the car type and services they provided. Click the “Contact”, you can find the phone number and email address of the car company.

b. Contact the company by phone or email. You should clarify the things list below:

b.i. Appointment date, time, and address
b.ii. Beginning and ending time
b.iii. Factory address
b.iv. Car type

c. The staff will give you a price; you should pay attention to the details as below:

c.i. Time limit. Most car companies have a time limit of 10 hours a day, once you exceed this time, you will need to pay extra money for it.
c.ii. Gas fee. Some companies offer a free gas fee of 100km per day, and you pay the excess. Others don’t include the gas fee in the rent price, you should pay for the gas fee in 1.5RMB/km, or you can fulfill the tank at the end of the day.
c.iii. Ask if the rent price includes the parking fee or toll fee.

d. The company will send you a confirmation letter included all the details you have talked about and the contact number of the car driver, please check it carefully to make sure that the date, time and the pick-up point (Lok Ma Chau or Lo Wu) are correct. Make sure that you have a full Chinese version of the factory addresses that you wish to travel to. On the day of the visit, be sure that you are able to call the drivers China mobile number. Having a Chinese translator to accompany you will also make things a lot easier.

Lok Ma Chau Car Rental Shenzen ChinaThis is near where the driver collects you in Lok Ma Chau. The road adjacent to this building is where a driver will collect you.

Customs Lo Wu ChinaThis is the customs exit in Lo Wu. However, the pickup point is farther away near the taxi stand that requires you to follow the underground walkway for 200 meters and turning right into the taxi area.

5. The information of the two rental driver/car firms:

During the past 2 months, my team and I visited 10 factories over 5 separate days. That is two factories per day. I had a Chinese translator accompany me, and we had no problem with the services provided by the following two firms below. We arranged for collection at Lok Ma Chau at 9 am in the morning and often were returning to the same point before 6 pm on the same day.


Firm Name Contact number Website Car type Total Fee we paid for One Day
Szaolida +86 13689565180 Honda 670 rmb
Gangshuntong +86 13510589909 Camry 680 rmb
Buick Business 680 rmb


Dr. Neale O'Connor

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