How is China Sourcing Academy different from other online courses?

Today, you have basically three types of online training programs available, if you want learn how to buy and import from China:

Type One: Free tutorials about China sourcing on YouTube
Type Two: Learn how to import” or “Get rich quick buying from China Seminars
Type Three: The China Sourcing Academy!

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China Sourcing Course Details & Prices

Basic Course for Small Buyers
The Basic Sourcing Course for Small Buyers includes the following videos:
  • Module 1 Introduction - China Sourcing Overview
  • - Video 1 - Course Introduction & A Short History of China Sourcing
  • - Video 2 - Introduction to Three Circle Control Framework
  • - Video 3 - What are the Macro Issues Impacting the Supply Chain in China?
  • Module 2 Getting Started - Managing Expectations
  • - Video 4 - Middlemen
  • - Video 5 - Scams
  • - Video 6 - Sourcing Feasibility
  • - Video 7 - Using the Three Circle Control Framework to Manage Expectations
  • Module 3 Finding the Right Supplier - China Visit
  • - Video 8 - Finding the Right Supplier in China
  • - Video 9 - Mike's Tips for Visiting Chinese Tradeshows and Factories
  • - Video 10 - Organizing an Efficient Request for Quotation
  • - Video 11 - Neale's Tips for Visiting Chinese Tradeshows
  • - Video 12 - Tradeshow and Factory Visit Strategies
  • Module 4 Negotiation Strategies
  • - Video 13 - Mike's Tips for Face-to-Face Negotiations
  • - Video 14 - How to Structure your Negotiations with Chinese suppliers
  • - Video 15 - Negotiation Strategies for Small Buyers
  • - Video 16 - Negotiation Strategies for Larger Buyers
  • - Video 17 - Negotiation Strategies - Dealing with Outsourcing
  • Module 5 Documentation and Verification
  • - Video 18 - Contracts, Purchase Orders & Payments and Intellectual Property Protection
  • - Video 19 - Project Management / Vendor Coordination
  • - Video 20 - Quality Control in China
  • - Video 21 - Intellectual Property Protection in China
  • - Video 22 - 3rd Party Support: How to Find, Manage and Pay for Supply Chain Services
  • Module 10 Summary
  • - Video 23 - Closing Remarks by Mike Bellamy


Advanced Course for Sourcing Professionals
The Advanced Course for China Sourcing Professionals includes everything found in the Basic Course plus the following advanced videos and additional resources:
  • Module 6 Inside the Mind of the Supplier - Advanced Strategies
  • - Video 24 - The Supplier Model - Supplier Strategies
  • - Video 25 - The Supplier Model - Supplier Competitive Market Framework
  • - Video 26 - The Supplier Model - Supplier Challenges
  • - Video 27 - The Supplier Challenge Infographic
  • - Video 28 - Overview of Buyer and Supplier
  • Module 7 Best Practices of Successful Buyers
  • - Video 29 - How Do Large Buyers Manage Their Suppliers in China? - Strategic Location
  • - Video 30 - How Do Large Buyers Manage Their Suppliers in China? - Performance Measurement and Cost Control
  • - Video 31 - How Apple Manages Its Suppliers in China - Masterclass Part 1
  • - Video 32 - How Apple Manages Its Suppliers in China - Masterclass Part 2
  • - Video 33 - How Apple Manages Its Suppliers in China - Masterclass Part 3
  • - Video 34 - How Apple Manages Its Suppliers in China - Masterclass Part 4
  • - Video 35 - How Apple Manages Its Suppliers in China - Masterclass Part 5
  • Module 8 Dealing with Problems
  • - Video 36 - What to do when things go wrong; Mike's experiences and lessons
  • - Video 37 - What to do when things go wrong: Neale's experiences and lessons
  • Written Transcript: All Modules!
  • Over 460 pages of material
  • Audio Transcript: All Modules!
  • More than 16 hours of content in downloadable MP3 format
  • Interactive Assessment & Feedback:
  • All Modules 280 Multiple Choice Questions Supported by 100+ pages for the answers explained in detail. An excellent tool to confirm you, or your employees, are ready to take on the China sourcing challenge.
  • Certificate of Completion - China Sourcing
  • Issued by the China Sourcing Academy and signed by your instructors
  • Complimentary invitation to attend networking functions hosted by CSA instructors. Usually taking place in Hong Kong during the trade show seasons of April and October each year.
  • Updates and revisions to the courses provided periodically on an as-needed basis.


Premium Course for Corporations
The Premium Course for Corporations includes everything found in the Advanced Course for Sourcing Professionals plus the following exclusive materials, resources and our premium support:
  • Key finding from the "China Supplier 1000 Study"
  • Supplier Challenges Infographics - Specific Industries
  • Specific industry and province insights
  • White Papers - Supplier performance measurement alignment and Buyer culture distance monitoring behavior - 1750 USD value!
  • 101 Questions Answered
  • China Sourcing Academy instructors selected the best questions asked by purchasing professionals at recent China sourcing seminars held in HK, China, Australia, Africa, North America and Europe - 45 pages - 350 USD value!
  • Certificate of Completion - Advanced China Sourcing
  • Issued by the China Sourcing Academy and signed by your instructors
  • PLUS: One Hour Consultation with Professor O'Connor
  • At a time of mutual convenience, via phone/Skype/in person if in Hong Kong, CSA's Senior instructor will offer a 1 hour Q&A session - 1000 USD value!
  • Essential Templates and Checklists + Tutorial Video!
  • Click for template screenshot - 1,980 USD value!
  • - Video 38 will explain how to use the templates. (Click for a screenshot of the list of templates - 1,980 USD value!) Digital Bi-lingual versions (in Excel and Word format) of the following documents are provided:
  • - Template 1 - “2 samples of typical IQC documentation” explains what “inbound quality control” documents should look like.
  • - Template 2 - “AQL Tables” are the “Acceptable Quality Level” charts that help buyers pick reliable sample sizes for random inspections.
  • - Template 3 - “Bi lingual PO template.MOU template.Code of Conduct list” is the holy trinity of Purchase Order Template + Memo of Understanding + Code of Conduct that makes up a sound supplier-buyer contract.
  • - Template 4 - “Checklist for Local and International Travel” includes Pre-Trip Checklists/ Petty Cash Planning/ Handling Business Cards/ Taxi Cabs/ Factory Visit Logistics.
  • - Template 5 - “Communication and Revision Mgmt Protocols” teaches team members the basics of documentation management and smooth communications.:
  • - Template 6 - “Email Communication Checklist” is an important document to help overcome barriers when emailing in multiple languages and time zones.
  • - Template 7 - “Extensive factory audit template” is a more detailed version of “simple factory audit”.
  • - Template 8 - “NDA reference sample” is the Non-Disclosure Agreement which should be signed by relevant parties to ensure your intellectual property is protected.
  • - Template 9 - “Pre Shipment Inspection Report Sample” explains what type of quality documentation you should be receiving before you allow the shipment to leave China.
  • - Template 10 - “Product Quality Manual Sample” conforms to ISO standards and is typical of the professional work instructions and inspection criteria you would expect to have in place between a professional supplier and buyer. Highlights of the system include:
    • Clear revision management procedures
    • Bi-lingual
    • Well defined quality standards, inspection methods and assembly process
    • All internal QC data/ results are made available for review
    • Unit and lot traceability in terms of Bill of Material (BOM) used, Dates and Personnel involved in the assembly/inspection process


  • - Template 11 - “Purchase Orders, Contracts and Payment” are essential tools for protecting the buyer’s interests.
  • - Template 12 - “Simple Factory Audit Template” is a check list for conducting an audit of a factory’s quality systems. This is the key step to verify that your supplier can manufacture your desired product.
  • - Template 13 - “Simple Project Management Bilingual Fields” introduces the “open project list” which is a very basic tool, along with a GANT chart, to help organize project management.
  • - Template 14 - “Social Audit Template” is a check list for conducting an audit of a factory’s social compliance.
  • - Template 15 - “VERY technical Supplier Evaluation Template” is very comprehensive supplier evaluation tool. While most buyers will utilize only a fraction of the 100’s of check points, the entire document is bi-lingual and this may assist your communications if you need to convey certain quality control concepts to supplier who is not technically proficient when it comes to understanding quality terms in English.


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