Futurepath Technology – Power Bank, USB, AC Adapter and Lightning

Power Bank, USB, AC Adapter, Lightning Accessories and Car Chargers

Manufacturer with Potential

Futurepath used to have their brand name, but the sales were not as good as they expected, even worse they lost one of their biggest customers in 2008, so they decided to have a business transformation from OBM to OEM and ODM. From the year 2008, they started to fade out their brand name and focus on the OEM and ODM and made a success. Now they are planning to list on the Shenzhen High-tech stock exchange next year, and allow the employees to have the stock option.


  • They asked us to put on the hat, and clean clothing and shoes cover before we get inside the workshop, which indicates the have a standard of visiting management. And before we enter we need to touch the ball to eliminate human body electrostatically.
  • And in their raw material receiving storage room, they set a height limit and have a green line mark on the wall. First, it is to ensure the workers’ safety, if the goods stack up too high, they may fall if the worker wants to move the boxes at the top. Second, it can make sure the goods will not be damaged due to the pressing of each other.


  • They have an activity room for the employees- full of stock now. And the door of ESD area is not exactly close, which will affect the temperature of that room. Also, even though they ask us to put on clothing and hat, shoes cover, it is not perfect dust-free, with the door opened.
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