Free Video Library – Interviews 1

Live Interview with Robert from Asia Quality Focus

Prof. Neale O'Connor talks with Robert about services provided by Asia Quality Focus

  • Providing basic information of factories for the suppliers.
  • Make sure the factory is legal and a good provider.

Live Interview with Simon Part 1

Prof. Neale O'Connor talks with Simon about the service provided by the China Sourcing Information Center

  • Help buyers to be safe in China
  • The three circles for the total engagement when you are outsourcing business.

Live Interview with Simon Part 2

Talk with Simon about the biggest challanges they meet, because most Spanish buyers are new to the China market and have lots of worries

  • How to choose the right factory in China
  • The big difference between a Chinese and an English factory.

Live Interview with Salvador from CSIC

Prof. O'Connor talks with Salvador on the services provided by CSIC in China

  • Help to assemble the products in a secure assemby center to protect the suppliers logo.
  • Help in outsourcing accounting to reduce production costs.
  • Legal aid in Asia

Live Interview with Godfrey from Asia Quality Focus

Interview with Godfrey about basic services provided by AQF and the biggest challenges for the inspectors

  • Make sure the products are the same as the samples you got!

Live Interview with Isabell Pivot from 88-a

Prof. O'Connor talks with Isabell about the service details provided by 88-a Visual supply chain Management

  • Isabell shows us the software service following the QC process on the iPad.
Mike's China Business Update for Busy Executives

Mike's China Business Update for Busy Executives

For over a decade, Mike Bellamy has been sharing his China forecast, exposing the latest scams, and sharing sourcing strategies with his clients.

This update is now made available, on a quarterly basis, our compliments, to guests of the China Sourcing Academy.


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