Endorsed Providers

Customized Advisory Services

CSA Certified Sourcing Advisors™ speak English, Spanish, French and Portuguese (at time of writing) and are available to support the general public and registered CSA users.

At a minimum, CSA Certified Sourcing Advisors™:

  • are based in China full time
  • have significant and relevant business experience
  • graduated from the CSA with honors
  • have trained under the direct supervision of CSA founders

CSA Certified Sourcing Advisors™ make themselves available up to 4 hours each month for conference calls and/or email communication at a set time each week, but they don’t get involved in actually managing the vendors for you.

Retaining a CSA Certified Sourcing Advisor™ is the ideal option when you are willing to do the heavy lifting of project management, but want a seasoned China advisor on your team.

Fee Structure

Public Rate:  400 to 850 USD per month, depending on experience of the Advisor.

Discount Rate for registered CSA users: 300 to 750 USD per month, depending on experience of the Advisor.

Getting Started

For an introduction, simply email Advisors “at” ChinaSourcingAcademy.com with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • CSA Student ID (if applicable)
  • Location
  • Preferred Language
  • Level of China Experience
  • Project background and your areas of concern

3rd Party Service Providers

China Sourcing Academy co-founder Mike Bellamy writes:

“Too many projects end in failure because the wrong partners are involved. In 2012, as a service to the readers of my blog and the students at the China Sourcing Academy, I decided to make public my personal list of endorsed service providers at www.SourcingServiceCenter.com.

I have been developing this list of reliable & affordable suppliers & service providers during my 15 years living in China. I hope you also find it of value.”

China Sourcing Service Center



Services Offered:

  • Due Diligence
  • Legal
  • Sourcing
  • Logistics
  • Compliance
  • Finance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Engineering, Design and Prototyping

Services continued:

  • Tool & Die/Mold Making
  • 3rd Party Assembly
  • China Visit Support
  • Efficiency Consulting
  • Corporate Structuring & Tax Planning
  • Software
  • Fulfillment/Selling to China
Mike's China Business Update for Busy Executives

Mike's China Business Update for Busy Executives

For over a decade, Mike Bellamy has been sharing his China forecast, exposing the latest scams, and sharing sourcing strategies with his clients.

This update is now made available, on a quarterly basis, our compliments, to guests of the China Sourcing Academy.


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